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We provide

Tooth profiles including protuberance

We can provide gears according to many different tooth profiles.

Both with internal and external toothing. Including diametral pitch (DP) and circular pitch (CP) profiles. From standard profiles we can mention e.g.:

  • DIN 5480
  • DIN 5482
  • DIN 3972
  • SMS 1835
  • ANSI B92
  • BS 3550
  • NF E22-141
  • JIS D2001
  • Special profiles

If a special profile is wanted, we can provide this as desired. As an example, today we produce gears with many different pressure angles ranging from 15-33 degrees.

We also produce numerous gears according to customized special profiles with protuberance or with defined rounding in the tooth bottom or tooth tip corner. Other alternatives are with or without chamfering on the tooth tip corner and with or without milling of the tooth top diameter. Just ask us if you have a special requirement.