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Printing machine gears

The structure of a printing machine with up to 10 printing sections each printing their screen print on the continuous paper set high demands on the gears. This applies to virtually all types of printing machines both offset, flex, intaglio and gravure machines. This is because the gears must pull the pressure rollers as precise and steady as possible to make the print as fine and sharp as possible.

Run-out, pitch and backlash are extremely important in printing machines and they often require gears of class 4 or 5 DIN 3962 (AGMA 12 or 13). Secondary positioning usually requires cheaper gears of class 7-8 DIN 3962 (AGMA 9 or 10) finished by hobbing.

Even after the servo-motors entry to the printing industry it gives a lower cost to use a smaller servo-motor combined with one precision gear instead of one large and very expensive servo-motor. At the same time, it solves some space and inertia problems. However, the servo-motors’ high torque at low shaft speed makes high demands on the strength of the gears and thus it is necessary to perform a gear strength analysis. Hero Gears can also help you with this.

We have 20 years of experience in the production of gears for printing machines and today we provide gears from module 0,9 (DP 28,22) and larger. We also provide circular pitch (CP) and diametral pitch (DP) gears for the format.