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Marine gears

Hero Gears has got more than 30 years of experience in the production of marine gears. Both for very small fishing boats, large trawlers, work boats, fire-fighting ships etc. We also produce for luxury yachts and motor boats with a length of up to 110m (360ft.).

High demands are set on the realiability of these gears and a breakdown is unacceptable. It means in part heavy losses for the shipowner if the ship is docked for several weeks for repair and at worst it could result in human death.

Often customized drive solutions are provided for the individual ship. Most often this involves complicated gear solutions with heavy toothed couplings for power take-off gears driving hydraulic pumps. These then drive thrusters, winches and pumps as desired.

We provide e.g. gears for complicated gear solutions where diesel engines and electric motors/generators are combined for driving on one gearbox. This way you can choose the following:

  • Propulsion only by diesel engine.
  • Propulsion by diesel engine and electric motor for extra power.
  • Propulsion by electric motor for quiet operation e.g. in harbours.
  • Let the electric motor run as a generator with drive from the diesel engine and thus charge power.
  • During sailing, on a large yacht you can let the propeller drive the generator and thus create eco-friendly power.

Marine gears are often manufactured in case hardened material and with ground gears of quality 4-6 according to DIN 3962 (AGMA 11-13). Particularly yachts require high demands for low noise gears and here we usually provide gears of superior quality.

The gear teeth are never standard profiles according to e.g. DIN 3972 but optimized special profiles with greater rounding in the tooth bottom and protuberance. We also always provide some kind of modification on the teeth such as tip relief, foot relief, end relief, crowning, tapering and combinations of these. All to provide a high-performance gear which sometimes must stand massive impact from the large propeller when navigating in icy waters.

Very often it concerns classed gears through classification societies such as Det Norske Veritas/ Germanischer Lloyd (DNVGL), Bureau Veritas (BV), American Bureau of Shipping (ABS), Russian Maritime Register of Shipping (RMRS), the Italian RINA etc.

Usually full documentation is required on the gears, such as:

  • Material certificate.
  • Heat treatment certificate.
  • 3D geometry measurement.
  • Gear measurement report.
  • Crack inspection report.

At Hero Gears we have experience with all this and we can also provide gear calculations.