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High-speed gears for e.g. turbo compressors, steam and gas turbines

There are high demands on gears used in turbo compressors, steam and gas turbines. The accuracy of the toothing is extremely important due to the high shaft speed of up to 40,000 rev./min. together with the often very high gear ratio.

Run-out, pitch and profile are particularly important. We often implement various modifications such as tip and end relief on the teeth to optimize the tooth engagement.

At the same time, there are high demands on high speed pinions where run-out demands between journals and the connection to the impeller generally lies within max. 0,005mm. Cylindricity, roundness, and surface demands on journals are also important elements to give sliding bearings or ceramic roller bearings optimum operating conditions.

Hero Gears have more than 40 years of experience in the production of gears for high speed transmissions and over the years we have delivered to more than 8,000 turbo compressors. This without one single breakdown due to the gears.

Often our customers guarantee that the machines are able to run for 24 hours a day 20 years in a row, and our gears can withstand this without any problems.

Today, we provide gears for turbo compressors with center distance from 180-600mm. Including high-performance herringbone gears. The requirements of the toothing quality are usually Class 4 or 5 according to DIN 3962 (AGMA 12-13).

Generally, Hero Gears can offer almost all the precise rotary parts for turbo compressors, gas turbines and other high speed gears. Including:

  • Input shafts
  • Main gears
  • Output shafts
  • Rotor hubs with labyrinth seal for centering of impeller
  • Central bolts with ground thread
  • Oil pump gears