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Diesel engine gears

Gears for large diesel engines are used to synchronise crankshaft and cam shaft, or cam shafts in the case of a V-engine. In addition, various oil pump gears are used for lubrication and large toothed rims for start of the engine.

The operational safety of these gears must be extremely high as a breakdown is not acceptable, precisely as in marine gears. It costs both lots of money and at worst it could result in human death if it is a propulsion engine on a ship that breaks down.

The split crankshaft gear is one of our specialist areas which requires considerable process work experience to produce. Especially when it is split and case hardened gears where the case hardening in any account must be intact and with a sufficient depth on all teeth after final manufacturing.

The gears are primarily manufactured according to quality 6 (AGMA 11) and our customers often demand complete documentation such as for marine gears. This means documentation consisting of:

  • Material certificate.
  • Heat treatment certificate.
  • 3D geometry measurement.
  • Gear measurement report.
  • Crack inspection report.

Given our special machines, gears for diesel engines is an area where we are very competitive.