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Beveloid gears

Beveloid- and hypoloid gears are the most complicated form of cylindrical gear in existence. Using beveloid gears it is possible to manufacture gears with small angles of up to 15 degrees between the input and the output shaft. Typically, however, the angle is no greater than 10 degrees. These are used for instance in propulsion gear units in ships and in four-wheel drive vehicles.

Alternatively one can use beveloid gears to manufacture a gear with parallel axles, incorporating two beveloid gears with opposing angles. When these two beveloid gears are axially displaced, the clearance between the gears is eliminated. This technique is used in the manufacture of among other things robots, and has previously been used in the manufacture of machine tools.

Another potential use is in skew shafts with non-crossing axles.

Because of the highly complicated geometric definition of beveloid gears and the unique combination of machines required for their manufacture, there are not many manufacturers in the world able to produce them.

We at Hero Gears will soon be able to offer both the geometric definition, calculation of strength and production of beveloid gears. We can produce beveloid gears up to the following dimensions:

Maximum diameter: Ø 1000mm
Maximum module: 10