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We provide

We provide

Hero Gears A/S specialize in cylindrical gears and splines. This involves both gears with external and internal toothing, gear shafts, and shafts without toothing.

We typically provide a complete manufacturing process including materials, machining and heat treatment, but we also provide partial machining of customer-manufactured blanks.

Our working range is:

  • External toothing: Max Ø1250 mm, module 25
  • Internal toothing: Max Ø550 mm. Max. module 12
  • Gear shafts and shafts without toothing: max. 1500mm length

Generally, we manufacture gears in series from 1 ea. to 500 ea./series according to size and type of item.

We have a long tradition in the production of ground precision gears and we dare to say that we are specialists in grinding. This type of production demands careful control and we can therefore provide our customers with complete documentation of the quality. Please read more in section “Quality Assurance”.

During the construction phase our customers often discuss the design with us with regards to function, production and price. Generally, we see a growing need in the area and one is always welcome to contact our highly qualified staff who are always ready to answer your questions. These might for example concern:

  • Gear dimensioning
  • Choice of material and choice of heat treatment
  • Production quality
  • Design in general with regards to operation, manufacturing and price.

We consider our customers as business partners where we together create the best and most competitive solutions. It is in our mutual benefit. So, ask us and let us see if we likewise are also the perfect match for your machines.