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The process
The process


The process

From raw material to finished gear

The pictures show a typical example of how a hardened and ground gear is produced. The process varies however, depending on the design of the gear, the material used, type of heat treatment, quality requirements, etc.

Step 1


Step 2

CNC-turning: Ø850 x 2200
CNC-milling: 1500 x 650 x 830
5-axis turn-mill machining: Ø800

Step 3

CNC-hobbing: Max. Ø1100, module 14
CNC-gear shaping: Max. Ø550, module 12
CNC-gear skiving: Max. Ø800, module 10

Step 4

Heat treatment Case-hardening, gas-nitriding, induction hardening, tough-hardening etc.

Step 5

CNC-surface grinding: 600 x 800

Step 6

CNC-internal grinding: max. Ø550 x 1300
CNC-external grinding: max. Ø550 x 1600

Step 7

CNC-gear grinding: max. Ø1250, module 25

Step 8 – Finished gear

CNC-gear wheel inspection: max. Ø1250, max. module 25
Shaft length up to 1500 mm.