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ESG – Environmental Social and Governance work

In an increasingly pressured world across multiple fronts, we at Hero Gears are acutely aware of the importance of responsibly addressing our environmental and climate impact, fulfilling our social responsibilities, and upholding ethical leadership.

We are dedicated to consistently advancing on all ESG fronts, including reducing our CO2 emissions, with the objective of achieving CO2 neutrality in the foreseeable future.

This commitment not only positively influences our environment but also enhances our competitiveness, boosts employee morale, and fosters opportunities for young people and individuals with disabilities.

Here are some of the initiatives already in place:

E – Environmental

  • Modern well-insulated factory heated by efficient heat pumps.
  • Solar panels on the roof.
  • LED lighting throughout, equipped with an automatic on/off function in each room.
  • Central ventilation has over 94% heat recovery.
  • Light-activated blinds reduce the need for cooling.
  • Unbuilt areas feature wildflower vegetation to support biodiversity and reduce the risk of mass extinction.
  • All waste is stored indoors to prevent soil pollution and sorted in many categories and recycled.
  • Enhancing productivity is crucial for reducing emissions. This has a high priority and we focus on automation and LEAN projects among other strategies.
  • We calculate carbon emissions using our ERP system.

S – Social

  • In designing the new factory, we have placed a high focus on creating a good work environment. This includes ensuring plenty of light, a low noise level, clean air, constant temperature, and windows that allow views outside.
  • Safety is our top priority, and we regularly conduct safety group meetings. Additionally, we collaborate with an external company that assists us with all safety-related matters, including psychological well-being.
  • We aim to ensure that at least 10% of our production workforce is comprised of apprentices at all times.
  • We are committed to increasing the representation of women in our production workforce.
  • We employ skilled flex workers, offering them schedules that accommodate their capabilities and needs.
  • Every year, we support a good cause, for example, the fight against cancer.
  • We of course secure basic things like fair labor practices, no child labor etc. We are a member of DI, Danish Industry and follow the collective agreement with the labor union Dansk Metal.

G – Governance

  • In addition to risk-based quality management, we apply the same approach to the company’s management regarding insurance and financial structure, among other aspects.
  • We ensure compliance with applicable legislation in GDPR, accounting, environment, safety, and labor conditions by having agreements with subcontractors who advise, assist, and monitor us.
  • We exhibit transparency about our activities so it can be verified that we are complying with the laws.
  • We also have a risk-based approach to cybersecurity and have obtained specific insurance and support in relation to this.
  • We do not use conflict minerals.

We support United Nation´s Sustainable Development Goals no. 9 + 12 + 13