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About Hero


The Hero Machine Company was founded in 1942 as a contract machine manufacturer. Within just a few years the first universal milling machines 4U and 4P were being constructed. They were sold in large numbers over the following years to both domestic and international customers. At its peak, production reached almost 100 machines a year.

In 1955 a new generation of universal milling machines was revealed: Models 1A, 1B and 1C. These machines fulfilled the increasing demands on machine tools with respect to feeding and rapid travel in all directions, and also rapid change of spindle speed and feed rates. Furthermore, they could also be equipped with various types of vertical attachments. These machines became known for their great flexibility and very long durability. Many of the machines produced at this time are still running.

The machines were also produced under licence in Belgium under the name “Viking”. The new milling machines were equipped with complicated gear mechanisms employing many gears. The gears themselves were not produced by Hero and were therefore purchased from various sub-suppliers. Unfortunately, gears of the requisite quality were not available and to solve this problem Hero decided to commence its own gear production.

In 1964 Hero therefore purchased its first gear grinding and milling machines, along with a Klingelnberg gear measuring machine. Gear production expanded rapidly as other companies requiring precision gears soon saw the benefit of buying these from Hero. As early as 1970, gear production constituted the major source of revenue for the company and it was decided to discontinue the production of milling machines, which had also proven to be less profitable.

Hero Tandhjul A/S was established in 1989. Today, 40 years later, production is 100 percent concentrated on gear production. Many new machines have appeared since and the range of our work has been expanded so that we are now capable of supplying gears of up to 1250 mm in diameter. We still specialise in ground gears, but we also produce hobbed and shaped gears and splines.

December 2010: As the export grew considerably to 70% we decided on a name change to the more international Hero Gears A/S.