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About Hero
About Hero

About Hero


For 75 years we have produced precision parts and precision gears for some of the most demanding customers in the world. We can most probably also solve your need for precision gears, so go ahead and ask us and let us work out a good solution.

Peter Schlippe, CEO

Hero Gears A/S is a family-owned company founded in 1942. We have an international focus with 85% export to Europe, USA and Asia. We specialize in gears and shafts where the requirements for precision are high.

We consider our customers as long-lasting business partners where we together create the best solutions for our mutual benefit. This is based on the fact that if our customers are competitive then it is also an advantage for us. We take pride in delivering the best solutions both with regard to technique, consulting and logistics.

These are not empty words and the proof can be found in our customer portfolio. Hence our oldest customer is from the start of the company in 1942 and we have several customers from 1960s and 1970s who are still buying large quantities of gears and shafts from us.

Part of the secret is that we always suggest to our customers new solutions whenever the opportunity arises. This may be new ways of purchasing raw materials or new ways of production processes. It may require a small construction related alteration which we talk about and discuss the possibilities. This way we are always moving forward and we develop ourselves together with our customers.

Previously we have produced large quantities of milling machines ourselves which you can read more about in section “History”. Thus we know how important it is that you can rely on the products you purchase and that they will arrive on time. The very reason why we produce gears ourselves today is due to the fact that our previous supplier of gears for milling machines could not meet these requirements.

Let us see if likewise we are also the perfect match for your machines.